Martha van Geel


One of the legendary pigeons is "The Dolle" of Marijn van Geel.

In 1967 the Blue check pied cock was born in Nieuw Vossemeer. In the beginning he was nameless. But very soon he got the name of "DOLLE", because he liked playing already in the nest and after the races he was used to fly for a long time around the loft.
Because of his special charm of figure and a superb colored eye Marijn soon recognised his value for breeding. Although Marijn knew that it was an enormous risk, in the middle of the year 1975 the 8 year old "Dolle" nevertheless found his top. He won the 3th Nat. St. Vincent and won a car. Only 4 weeks later he won the 3th Nat. Dax and here he missed the car because of a few seconds.
In spite of the big offers of money from different fanciers, the "Dolle" was kept on his own loft. Through the years this proved to be the best decision.
The pleasure he gave us together with his descendants, satisfied us much more than a sale would have done. Marijn approved of his special knowledge as a pigeon expert. Now a periode of 8 years of breeding started, full of glory. He was pared up with diferent hens, e.o. his own sisters and daughters. He made his name legendary and he is unforgettable forever. Lots of fanciers were succesfull with the descendants of the "Dolle" and won top prices. Even his children or ones of the next generation.
In 1996 Rik Stevens. In 1979 he got a couple of eggs and he breeded a phenomenal son "Dolle", later named "The RIK".
This cock gave him many years of success and now after 17 years he put the crown on his succes, because one of his descendants won the 1st Nat. Barcelona and 2e Intern.
In the meantime the brothers Kuypers won the 2nd Nat. and 3e Intern. Wim v Leeuwen the 8the Nat. and 24the Intern. And Julia Posser of Germany 7th Intern. on Barcelona as well, all with descendants of the "Dolle"
Even after 30 years it proves how dominant the "Dolle" was and still is. Now in 2000 a cock of the same bloodline won the 12e National Barcelona on the own loft of Martha van Geel.

After the death of Marijn in 1983 and the end of the "Dolle" as breeder, it was in the hands of Martha van Geel to continue with this powerful pigeonmaterial which these two champions left behind.
Beside lots of performances in the next years it was "Vlekje" that won the 2nd Nat. Dax in 1984 and he also won a car.
This was again a cock that on father's side was a descedent of the Dolle, and of mother's side a grandson of the "Dolle".
In the meantime the van Geel pigeons were so in demand in the whole world, that Martha van Geel in February 1989 sold all her stockbirds and racebirds in a record auction.
With the young birds and some stockbirds that were bought again, a complete new start was made. After 1993, with full energy and lots of power, attempts were made to come back. This also was made possible by the friendship with Heinz.
Deliberate breeding and selecting, also between the stockbirds, participating in more races with the pigeons and especially keeping an eye on the health of the pigeons. This resulted in 55 % prices on the national flights.
And also in 2001 there are still the bloodlines of the "Dolle", deliberately crossed with pigeons out of bloodlines of the same caliber as the "Dole", who are responsable for these performances.
Let us call it: The "DOLLE" and his new generation.